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P1030514The folk music of Venezuela is, like Brasil, a wonderful mix of the three major ethnic groups present in the country, the spanish, the african and the native indians. This volume of The World Library was edited by Juan Liscano, a venezulian poet and folklorist. It starts with the organic sounds and tribal music from different tribes of the Amazon rainforest and moves further in the country and along the coast with typical venezuelian music, featuring the cuatro, the harp, the mouth and jaw harp and some beautiful singing in the spanish language. Examples of music from the Margarita Island are also featured. Like usual, i recommend that you read the liner notes for more details.800px-Juan_Liscano (on the right, Juan Liscano)


Venezuela side 1

Venezuela side 2


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P1030215After a long summer break, The World’s Jukebox return with a new volume of our serie of World Library of Folk and Primitive Music LPs. We jump from volume 5 to 7 as i don’t have volume 6:Scotland (This volume have been reedited on cd by Rounder but it’s also out-of-print). Volume 7 of the World Library is presenting the wide range of Indonesian music, from New Guinea to the islands of Borneo, Bali and Java. The diverse crossings of ethnies and influences on the islands gives a remarquable variety of styles and settings, from tribal music to the famous sophisticated gamelan orchestras. The notes and recordings for this volume were edited by Dutch ethnomusicologist (he introduced the term himself) Jaap Kunst. (Click here to read his biography) jaap

-To the right, a picture of Jaap Kunst playing the violin.





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