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Two months already passed since my last post, but i have a good excuse because i was travelling in India (did you enjoyed the India volume of the World Library ?) for five unforgettable weeks…Well, let’s continue our presentation of The World Library with volume 13, Spain. This is one of the few volume in the collection that was recorded by Alan Lomax himself as he spent most of the years 1952-53 travelling and recording in Spain. The tracks on this record are just a quick presentation of the very diverse musical traditions Lomax encountered on his trip but there are many other of his Spain recordings you can find on cd, thanks to Rounder Records (Click here).

You’ll hear songs and tunes recorded in Galicia, Asturias, Santander, Leon, Castilla and Andalucia. For those who believed that Spanish folk music resumed to Flamenco, this sample will show you that Spain was actually the home of many regional styles and influences from both Europe and The Mediterranean, arabic world were integrated to the native folk music. Most of the singing on the disc is done a-capella and includes very old ballads from the middle-ages still sung by the women. Featured also are bagpipe music from Galicia, holidays songs, and Andalucian songs and dances which are the roots of modern flamenco.


Spain side 1

Spain side 2

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