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P1020607Volume 5 of the World Library has one side dedicated to aboriginal tribal music of Australia and the other to music of New Guinea.

Aboriginal people, or Indigenous Australians as they want to be called, are one of the oldest people in the world, and this recordings of traditional tribal music represent man’s music in its most “primitive” form. When listening to this recordings, it’s important to know that this music is just one element of a whole system of expression that includes body gestures , paintings, etc… and that it serves tribal functions, mistycal beliefs and the profound inter-relations between Man and Nature. The most important features of the music are singing along with rythm provided by various sticks and drums and the famous didjeridu, a hollow tube of wood played by blowing into it with a vibrating movement of the lips.

New Guinea is one of the largest island in the world with a population of a thousand different tribes with an equivalent amount of different languages and dialects. The recordings were made with different tribes in Eastern New Guinea and in the Papua territory of the island.

Go here to read more about the history and culture of Indigenous Australians and here for New Guinea

-The australian and New Guinea recordings were made or provided and annoted by A. P Elkin, an Anglican clergyman and anthropologist at the Sidney University. Go here to read about his workfoundation7

P1020608Listen here:

Side 1:Australia

Side 2: New Guinea


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