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Here we are with the last volume of the World Library we haven’t heard yet. This one is a sampling of the diverse folk music of Canada, and in a way it’s a good one to end this serie because of its great diversity. You’ll hear the music of the first inhabitants of the land, from the Iroquois to the Eskimo and the new music brought by the diverse immigrants: The French, the English and the Scottish. This volume was edited and by the canadian folklorist and ethnographer Marius Barbeau. (photo on the right)

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-Side 1, spiral 1: Iroquois Songs

-Side 1, spiral 2: French-Canadian Songs (part 1)

-Side 1, spiral 3: French-Canadian Songs (part 2)

-Side 1, spiral 4: French-Canadian Songs (part 3)

-Side 2, spiral 1: English Songs from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

-Side 2, spiral 2: Scots-Gaelic

-Side 2, spiral 3: Northwest Indian

-Side 2, spiral 4: Eskimo Songs

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