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Here are some fine tunes and songs for this time of the year from the Folkways catalogue:

Let’s start with this children song from the West Indies with calypso singer Lord Invader:
Father Christmas-Lord Invader

A traditional christmas song from Ukraine:
The Grey Cuckoo (Shchedrevka)

Andrew Rowan Summers singing the most well-known christmas song with a gentle dulcimer:
Silent Night, Holy Night-Andrew Rowan Summers

Here are Mike and Pete’s sisters singing the famous carol song about Joseph and Mary:
Joseph and Mary (The Cherry Tree Carol)-The Seeger Sisters

And Pete himself with his 5-string banjo:
The First Noel-Pete Seeger

Recorded by Henrietta Yurchenco in Puerto Rico, this beautiful children game song:
Aguinaldo (Christmas Carol)

Let’s listen to Leadbelly sing for children and strumming his 12-string guitar:
Christmas is A-Coming (Chicken Crows at Midnight)-Leadbelly

A Christmas song from Spain:
Esta Nochebuena (This Night Is Christmas Eve)

From an English village community:
The Christmas Tree – Village Carollers Grenoside

and let’s end this world tour of Christmas with a delightful and lively track recorded by Samuel Charters in the Bahamas Islands:
Mama, Bake a Johnny Cake, Christmas Coming-Fresh Creek Dance Band

Be sure to support the work of the Smithsonian Folkways record company who makes available the whole Folkways catalogue…

Happy holidays to all…

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