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For once i will not present to you the lp version of this volume of the World Library but the cd version Rounder records issued a few years ago. I don’t have this volume on lp but even if i had it the cd reissue is very well done and much more complete than the original lp. All the tracks are presented in their full version and there is a total of more than two hours and a half of music on the two cds. There are absolute gems and wonderful moments on this long compilation of music from the former Yugoslavia republic states. You’ll hear traditional music from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia…Take the time to listen and read through the very-well annoted booklet (available on a pdf document on the first part of my downloads) as it’s not the kind of music you’ll hear anywhere else and like all traditional and rural music it takes times to really appreciate its unique beauty  but the more you’ll listen, the more you’ll be transported to another time and place…

Here’s a review from Michael Simmons (Amazon):The recent events in the former Yugoslavia give the music on volume five of the World Library of Folk and Primitive Music a special air of poignancy. Peter Kennedy, who was an associate of Alan Lomax, recorded all of the tracks at a folk festival in 1951, at a time when the Communist government believed it could forge a single national identity by showing the similarities between the various regional folk cultures. To that end, they gathered the best village musicians from all over what was then Yugoslavia and presented them in a series of concerts. Kennedy realized that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and recorded dozens of performers including ballad singers, tamburica players, choirs, and dance bands. All of the music here is of the highest quality, although some of the recordings from the stage are somewhat muted. This two-CD set includes a well-annotated 20-page booklet that features both the original notes from the 1954 LP version as well as corrections and additions that reflect recent scholarship. Although much of the music here will be primarily of interest to ethnomusicologists, there is still plenty here for the casual listener to enjoy. –Michael Simmons

And here’s a customer review: This CD is a historical recording of the *best* *authentic* *live* Yugoslavian music that can be heard anywhere! It was recorded at a folk festival where village musicians and dancers from many regions of Yugoslavia gathered: Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, & other areas. They participated in this event disregarding their ethnic & political differences. The music and dancing brought unity and peace – there was no indication of the explosive changes the future would bring . It includes unique instruments and vocalizations along with descriptions of the song and background information about the music and region. The songs, dances and music are “from the people and by the people” no finer definition and representation of folk music anywhere. Although, I have heard that some of the “intellectual” descriptions in the liner notes are not accurate (this from ethnics who originated from the areas represented), never-the-less there is no doubt that it was live music and a live festival which was recorded “on the spot”. A great sample of beautiful authentic village sounds! Erika Borsos

-Download here disc 1

(with pdf pf the booklet)

-Download here disc 2

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